We achieve consistently good satisfaction ratings from our clients

As part of our ISO9001 quality management process, we send a Client Satisfaction Questionnaire to the client at the end of each project. The results are used to track performance and identify opportunities to improve our skills and processes.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Results are consistently in the top quartile, typically falling between 4 (Above Average) and 5 (Very good).​​​​​​​

Client Satisfaction Graphic

These consistently high client satisfaction results illustrate our ability to plan and deliver successful consultancy projects, which reflect the culture and needs of each client’s organisation. We are particularly proud of the great ratings given to the ‘skills and knowledge of our consultants’ and ‘relationship between your team and ours’.

They also reflect our values-based consulting style, which can be summed up by our five key Operating Principles:



We customise our approach to provide practical, value add solutions that deliver against your business objectives.


We avoid gimmicks, ‘management speak’ and unnecessary complexity. We evolve, simplify and align our solutions to help you achieve your strategic goals.


Our cross sector experience adds a layer of value, bringing fresh thinking into our projects. We are constantly looking for better ways of doing things.


Our aim is to equip you to sustain your improvements in performance when we are no longer involved in the project.


We don’t falter if things get tough; we carry on to deliver great results and returns on investment.