Download Example 360 Feedback Questionnaires

These downloadable question sets are designed to form the basis of a 360 feedback activity.

Each questionnaire is written with a different purpose in mind, in relation to each topic or area of investigation.

The question sets have been made available in pdf format. For delivery of the surveys and collation of the responses and resulting data these would need to be input and sent out using a 360 feedback tool.

Early Career Leadership Potential

Download Early Career Leadership Potential 360 Feedback Questionnaire

Looking to assess early-career leadership potential? This questionnaire has been specifically designed for developing high potential individuals by enabling them to reflect on their skills, attitudes and behaviours. We have used this questionnaire at the beginning of talent programmes and as part of talent management initiatives.

Leadership Capability

Download Leadership Capability 360 Feedback Questionnaire

This questionnaire is centred around leadership capability. It is ideal for use as part of a leadership development programme as it allows those in leadership positions to reflect on their own capability and performance. It is particularly effective when combined with the KPIs of the organisation.

Change Leadership

Download Change Leadership 360 Feedback Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to assess leaders in relation to change. It focuses on an individual’s approach to leading change and the extent to which they are working in line with change management best practice. We often use this questionnaire as part of the engagement and development of the senior team in the early stages of a change programme.