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Why Identify Accidental Diminisher Tendencies?

Most leaders have good intentions. But many leaders simply don’t realise that some of their behaviour could be having a detrimental effect on others. Because the majority of diminishing happening in workplaces is done unintentionally, Liz Wiseman developed the ‘Accidental Diminishers’ as a way to describe this behaviour.

Accidental Diminishers inadvertently diminish the capability of the people around them.

Accidental or not, the impact on their team is the same – it can reduce a person’s capability by half. Have you ever thought about how exactly your actions and behaviours affect those around you in the workplace in terms of productivity, effort, drive to succeed and quality of outcomes?

We think that it’s more important to know your Accidental Diminisher tendencies than your leadership style. Addressing these behaviours is the first step towards becoming a more effective leader.

There are nine ‘Accidental Diminishers’. These were identified as part of wider research on ‘Multiplier’ and ‘Diminsher’ leaders (click here for more on Multiplier and Diminisher Leaders).

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Taking the Quiz

This quiz has nine simple questions about your workplace behaviour. These help determine whether you’re likely to be having a negative impact on the people you lead – without meaning to.

Once you understand how your behaviour might be accidentally diminishing others, you can begin to take action. So the first step is to identify what your own Diminisher Tendencies are (by taking the Accidental Diminisher quiz!).

At the end you will receive recommendations for your next steps and a resource for helping to diagnose and minimise your Accidental Diminisher Tendencies. This useful guide is broken down into:

  • Intentions
  • Outcomes
  • Simple workarounds
  • Learning Experiments