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What Leadership Looks Like Today


There’s a lot of talk lately about leadership; ‘what makes a great leader?’ ‘what are the leadership skills leaders need today?’, ‘how do you develop leaders and leadership skills?’, and there is good reason for that. Simply put, great leadership is one of the biggest predictors of organisational success.

But what does great leadership look like today, in the 21st century?


It’s certainly not just about ‘command and control’. Leadership is now about building engagement, capability and ‘followership’ across a diverse, often remote, often multinational workforce, and this trajectory is only going to increase in the future.

In today’s world, employee commitment isn’t a ‘given’. People expect their leaders to gain their trust and empower them to work autonomously to deliver the goals of the organisation.

They expect to be challenged and stretched. Great leaders bring out the best in people, they are the ‘Multipliers’ who create value by unleashing capability, enabling everyone to perform at their best individually – for the good of the organisation.

Today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) environment demands that leaders demonstrate the self-awareness and emotional intelligence needed to maintain open, trusting relationships with their people.

They must also be able to combine a strategic perspective with a focus on delivering successful, ongoing innovation and change – aligned to strong values.


It’s time for leaders and organisations to ask:

Do you truly understand your own values?

Do your behaviours consistently match your values?

Do you understand that it is your behaviour that drives organisational culture?

Do your people just role model your behaviour or also share your personal values?

Do the personal values of all your leaders match that of your organisation?


We believe that understanding, sharing and aligning values is fundamental to great leadership and business success.

Get in touch with us to discuss how your organisation can answer YES to each of those questions to realise its goals.