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Accreditation – Why it Matters

At cda we value the importance of quality in developing bespoke Management Development Training Programmes, but the mark of ‘quality’ isn’t always straight forward to see. That’s where accreditation comes in – it’s an instantaneous way to demonstrate excellence.

Wouldn’t you want to validate your learning Programmes with accreditation giving your team the security they need to invest real time and energy into their development and have the confidence to move towards more formal qualifications? We have been working with organisations to develop their Managers and Leaders through a CMI accreditation process for the last 8 years, with great results.

Statistics from recent CMI research revealed that ‘over 85% of Managers agreed their Management and Leadership qualification improved their performance and by transferring their new skills to the work place, almost all have seen a vast improvement in their teams’ performance too’. What’s more 45% of those surveyed by Towards Maturity (in their research published in The Learner Voice: Part 3) when asked ‘what motivates people to actively learn?’ answered ‘to obtain professional certification’!

Accreditation ensures that Professionals have a solid educational foundation and qualifications are benchmarked against globally recognised standards which provide a stepping stone to further build skills, knowledge and competence.

If you currently have in-house Management and Leadership training it may not be as hard as you think for us to turn this into an accredited Programme reaching CMI Level 5 Award status; showing your future Managers and Leaders that you care about them and want to invest in their future.

Here are just some of the reasons why accreditation matters, and is seen as an important part of training and development.

Benefits for you:

  1. Meeting the standards developed by Experts/Professionals in the Field provides a formal recognition of achievement
  2. Increases Job satisfaction, feeling valued through continued investment leads to increased motivation and raised awareness of your importance
  3. Contributes to your learning journey by using any credits gained towards further formal qualifications, as a first step into further education, or for continued development
  4. Increases opportunities for promotion as you can evidence your level of skill and competence against an International Standard
  5. Provides eligibility for professional membership with access to learning resources and a community/network of fellow learners

Benefits for your Business:

  1. Improves business operations by not only showing you have a fully qualified and competent workforce, but are able to promote highly valued skills and knowledge within the business
  2. Equips Managers/Leaders with the right skills, direction and incentive to increase the effectiveness of the teams they manage
  3. Motivates Managers/Leaders to learn and develop in their role because of the visible recognition, investment, and confidence in their ability
  4. Shows commitment to your people, providing them with commercial awareness of their role and its’ importance within the business
  5. Increases retention of talent by providing a learning network, routes to promotion and a platform on which to develop
  6. Generates self-improvement opportunities (which should then be duly recognised and rewarded!)
  7. Creates efficiencies in hiring by being able to satisfy entry requirements for the role and benchmark ability
  8. Increases reputation as an Investor in your People
  9. Saves time and money by working with a certified/accredited Training Consultancy who can give you expert advice on the development and delivery of programmes to achieve your business goals
  10. Gives you competitive advantage in the assurance that your Managers have proven their competence and expertise

That’s 15 compelling reasons why accreditation is important and matters for you, your business and your return on investment.

The CMI are a Chartered Professional body in the field of Management and Leadership who we collaborate with to turn your Management & Leadership programme into a widely recognised qualification using a blended solution to meet your needs.

We can work with your organisation no matter what stage it’s at, whether that’s to identify training requirements, design development programmes, or accredit an existing course to a CMI Standard, we’re here to support the delivery of your learning strategy.

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