Supporting self-directed learning

The cda Development Guide is a on-line development tool which provides access to a wide range of self-study exercises, organised by key word, competency or job category.

It provides a way to support a move towards ’70:20:10’, by providing a flexible on-line resource that learners can access when they need to learn about a specific topic. It can also be used as part of a development programme, by providing access to a wide range of preparatory work or supporting resources.

The Development Guide is a flexible tool which can be tailored to reflect your organisation’s own branding and competencies. The introductory pages can be managed by your administrators to include up-to-date messages for learners about the business context and the learning resources that are available.

The Development Guide also includes reporting which allows you to monitor usage by individual, team or department. Reporting also summarises ‘star rating’ data from users on the usefulness of each learning activity.  

For information on the Development Guide click here.