A flexible, automated feedback tool

cdafeedback is an online tool which can be used to gather 360 feedback, 180 feedback or self-assessment data. It offers a wide range of different question formats and can use your own criteria (e.g. competencies) or an ‘off the shelf’ cda questionnaire (e.g. on leadership, emotional intelligence or change competence).

The system can run multi-language surveys, managing the simultaneous completion of a questionnaire in up to 11 languages if required. 

The feedback process results in a Individual Feedback Report, which summarises ratings, narrative comments and key trends in a confidential format. There is also the opportunity to set up an automated Follow Up Report, to measure uplifts in competency and performance, providing useful evaluation and ROI data.

The tool is fully automated and can be managed by cda or by your own administrators following a short training course.

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