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360 feedback is a powerful process which forms a useful part of many development programmes. It provides a unique and authentic perspective on individual performance, competence and working style, which can be used to develop self-awareness and change readiness.

When it’s done well, 360 feedback is a simple and highly effective process. We can ensure that you maximise the success of 360 feedback in your organisation.

About our 360 feedback tool

cdafeedback is an online tool which uses questionnaires to gather feedback from individuals about individuals – providing 360 feedback, 180 feedback or self-assessment data.

It offers a wide range of different, flexible question formats and the option to use your own criteria (e.g. competencies) or an ‘off the shelf’ cdafeedback questionnaire for example on Leadership, Emotional Intelligence or Change Management. The ‘look and feel’ of the questionnaire is also flexible, with the option to add your organisation’s logo and customise with your brand identity.

screenshots of the online questionnaire – this example shows ‘cda’ branding but this is easily tailored to each client

The 360 process first asks the individual to complete a self-assessment and then gathers feedback from the Managers, Peers, Direct Reports and Colleagues that they nominate. The results are presented in a confidential Personal Feedback Report which summarises ratings, narrative comments and the key trends within the data.

cdafeedback makes the 360 process easy to set up and manage. The questionnaire can be tailored to reflect the needs of a specific development programme or business requirement and Personal Feedback Reports are automatically generated at the end of the process. The process can be managed by us or by your own administrators after some training.

How to provide 360 feedback for your employees – understanding the process

Watch this short video explaining how to implement 360 feedback for employees using cdafeedback. The 7 step process is simple, we can guide you with key decisions and tailor to a level which suits you.

Tracking improvements in performance

360 feedback is a great way to evaluate the impact of Learning and Development.

Our 360 tool has a ‘Follow-up’ function which makes it easy to generate a Follow-up Survey after a defined period (for example 12 months). This produces a report which compares selected parts of the two sets of survey results in clear, understandable way, highlighting changes

Our clients often deploy a 360 feedback questionnaire before and after a training programme to measure uplifts in individual competence and track changes in performance against selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Gathering 360 feedback in multiple languages

Originally designed to support global development programmes, cdafeedback ensures multinational organisations can get the most from their 360 programme by managing the simultaneous completion of a questionnaire in several languages. A single platform provides the user interface, survey questions and Personal Feedback Report in the language that’s required.

This means feedback can be gathered from teams in local language and because of the alignment of the survey questionnaire and reports, competency gaps and uplifts can easily be tracked by the global team leading the programme.

Using 360 for development planning

cdafeedback automatically produces a Personal Feedback Report which is structured to support an effective feedback and development planning process.

It’s important to make sure that the feedback being received is fully understood by the individual and used to make positive changes. It’s natural to focus on the negatives, and our advice is that a 360 feedback process should always include some 1:1 time with an expert, independent facilitator who can help the individual to interpret their feedback, recognise both the positives and the negatives and plan the development required to improve.

We can provide expert facilitators to support this process, or provide training for an in-house team.

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There are lots of 360 tools out there, so why choose cdafeedback?

  • Fully automated online tool
  • 360, 180 feedback or just self-assessment
  • Support for the entire 360 process or just survey administration
  • Library of surveys, designed by experts
  • Option to create your own survey
  • Very flexible survey format
  • Personal Feedback Report structured to support development planning
  • Branded with your corporate identity
  • With an optional Follow-up Survey to track competency uplift and ROI
  • Capable of running parallel surveys in multiple languages
  • Completed on desktop computer, tablet or phone
  • Secure and fully GDPR compliant

Our experience and expertise in people development, coaching, and feedback sets us apart from other 360 providers.

Six reasons to choose cdafeedback

Six simple reasons for using our 360 feedback tool cdafeedback

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