A new perspective on personality at work

cdaq is an online personality questionnaire which analyses individual preferences for understanding information, making decisions and working with others. It draws on concepts from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and conventional cognitive psychology to provide new insights into behaviour at work.

It can be used in a variety of situations including assessment, development, team building and recruitment.

Evaluating behaviour at work

cdaq evaluates individual preferences against 11 dimensions:

A robust personality tool

cdaq is accredited with the UK British Psychological Society’s Psychometric Testing Centre (PTC), reflecting the robust validity and reliability of the tool.

Profiling using language patterns

A supporting tool, cdai, allows trained users to gather information on individual preferences against the 11 dimensions using structured verbal questions to analyse key language patterns.

This approach can be used during day-to-day interactions (e.g. negotiations) as an alternative way of gathering information on individual preferences or as a new approach to profiling the unconscious requirements of customers (for example during focus groups).

Training to use cdai and cdaq

Users of cdaq or cdai are required to complete online training provided by cda. The cdaq questionnaire and reporting is fully automated and can be managed by cda or by your own administrators, following a short training course.