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Most organisations are constantly evolving to serve the needs of their customers. We work with our clients to help them develop new team structures and manage the transition from old to new.


Developing new team structures

Organisational design projects typically start by mapping existing accountabilities, activities and workflows. This is followed by activity to rework team structures to reflect the impact of the business change (e.g. a business merger, launch of a new service, growth or downsizing).

Key objectives are typically to improve efficiency, customer and stakeholder relationships, business agility and the use of talent within the business. The process of organisational design is typically led by the organisation’s top team and results in a ‘blueprint’ for the new organisation, together with the supporting details of organisational structures and job roles.


Managing change

We provide change management support for the subsequent implementation of the new structure, focused on communicating the vision and building employee engagement with the new organisation. We also support organisational change in a variety of other ways, for example by designing and delivering assessment centres to evaluate individuals for new roles and developing the training required by the new structure.


Team building events

On a smaller scale, we also deliver team building events, focused on building an effective team by improving team dynamics. Some of these team events utilise supporting tools such as 360 feedback, Belbin’s Team Types, psychometrics or a Team Effectiveness Survey to develop self-awareness and mutual understanding. Other team days use a range of games and team building strategies to develop team relationships and improve team collaboration and team harmony.

Team building events work well for new teams where relationships have yet to become established, and failing teams where there is conflict or a team performance issue. We have delivered successful team building events for a range of team types and sizes varying from small senior leadership teams and management teams to larger, multidisciplinary functional teams or project teams.


The case studies on this page illustrate our approach to effective team building.

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