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Improving customer loyalty

A key objective for many organisations is to achieve high levels of brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. They aim to deliver a great customer experience; reflecting their brand and results in outstanding customer advocacy and Net Promoter Scores.

Many customers in sectors such as banking, retail and hospitality are also looking for a more personalised customer experience. They expect the brand to understand and respond to their individual requirements, increasing expectations of the customer experience.

Developing the customer relationship

All too often the focus is on investing in products, marketing and infrastructure (such as retail stores) rather than looking at the wider customer relationship. But the process of delivering a brand is not just about tangible factors such as products and marketing campaigns; it’s also about the way that the brand is delivered to customers throughout the whole customer journey.

We believe that an outstanding customer experience can only be delivered through aligned, engaged, competent people. In fact we’d go so far as to say that an engaged ‘on brand’ team can overcome significant shortfalls in product quality or store design to maintain customer loyalty and brand reputation. Whereas a great brand delivered by disinterested, poorly trained staff will generally be perceived much more negatively by customers.

Delivering effective change

Our approach brings together brand strategy, market research, customer research, people strategy, communication strategy and customer feedback (using surveys such as JD Power or mystery shopping programmes) to deliver real, sustainable improvements in the customer experience.

We deliver carefully structured change programmes including sales and service skills training, changes to team structures, recruitment processes, recognition programmes and incentives to drive the brand behaviours which matter most to customers.

The case studies on this page illustrate our approach in more detail.

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