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Management and leadership development

We believe in the importance of leadership development. Management and leadership competence is one of the biggest predictors of organisational success.

There is a big difference between management and leadership; our bespoke training and development programmes for corporate clients cover the full spectrum from ‘First Time Manager’ training courses to ‘Senior Leader’ or ‘Executive’ development programmes.

Meeting the needs of your organisation

Our approach to management and leadership development reflects the specific needs of each client.

Development starts with work to agree the key competencies of successful managers or leaders in the organisation. The agenda is changing as leaders adapt to challenges such as remote working, multiculturalism, globalisation and the different requirements of Generation Y and Generation Z.

Our ‘off the shelf’ management and leadership competencies, change management competencies, cross-cultural leadership competencies and virtual team leadership competencies can provide a useful input to the development of a bespoke competency framework.

We are particularly experienced in designing and delivering global management programmes and global leadership programmes for large organisations and multinationals, which combine core content with tailoring to meet local market needs.

Blended management and leadership development programmes

We develop to the 70:20:10 principle by providing a mix of face-to-face learning (classroom training courses), coaching and mentoring, and on the job learning. On the job learning includes a range of activities such as project work, online or virtual learning as well as social learning.

Many of our management and leadership programmes include some assessment activity (typically using psychometrics or 360 feedback) to develop self-awareness and agree a Personal Development Plan.

Management and leadership models and frameworks

We utilise a wide range of management and leadership models in our programmes and training courses. We are a Distributor for the ‘Multipliers’ model, developed by Liz Wiseman, which offers a useful new perspective on leadership.

We can also provide externally accredited management and leadership programmes through organisations such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Mulitpliers Liz Wiseman                 CMI Accredited Training Courses

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