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Over the last twenty years technology has had a profound impact on our working lives including the way that development and change is delivered across organisations.

We work with our clients to provide an innovative blend of development or communication which utilises technology in a way that is specific to their needs. We make technology work for our clients and support a move towards ’70:20:10′ learning by providing tools which are as flexible and user friendly as possible and which deliver the most benefit for their organisation.

We believe that blended solutions should be led by the learning or change requirement and enabled by technology – not the other way round! Our focus is on making sure that technology adds value as a part of a suite of blended assets focused on delivering measurable benefits.

We are committed to ensuring that the blended solutions that we develop also fit with our clients’ existing learning technologies and enhance their overall provision rather than creating ‘pockets’ of different technologies that do not work together. We aim to integrate blended learning into the organisation’s wider people processes and management culture to ensure that it is fully supported and embedded.



Portals provide a great way to organise learning assets to facilitate remote learning and learning communities. They can also be a good way to ‘brand’ major change programmes or development programmes and track progress through them.



We have developed a wide range of eLearning, ranging from relatively simple systems training to complex eLearnings which form the basis of a wider blended asset and link off to supporting activity such as bite workshops and social networks. These are developed on a bespoke basis and include a wide range of bespoke graphics, animation, audio and video to engage learners and bring the topic to life.


Interactive guides, manuals and ‘how to’ videos

We have developed a wide range of practical, blended assets to communicate the specifics of a new way of working, system or processes. These are designed around the specific objectives and messages of the project and can be housed on a bespoke Portal or the client’s LMS or intranet. They are often developed to work alongside face to face briefings or webinars.


Social learning

Technology provides great a way to link groups of individuals to facilitate best practice sharing and group coaching. It provides an invaluable learning opportunity, particularly for dispersed groups of learners or in situations where is isn’t possible for learners to seek support from their immediate co-workers or peers.

Social learning can be achieved via an online portal or organised separately around a specific development or change initiative.


The case studies on this page illustrate our approach in more detail.

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