Does your organisation understand the competencies required to deliver its strategic objectives?

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Why competencies are important

Whether you call them competencies, attributes, behaviours, or capabilities, successful change often starts with a vision for people. How will your people live the brand?  What new skills or behaviours will be needed? What competencies will be required to deliver new processes or technologies? How will your people deliver against customers’ expectations? What will they do to make their interactions with customers distinctive and special?

Many of our change projects start with a focus on the key competencies (skills, knowledge or behaviours) required to deliver the organisation’s strategic objectives. This may relate to specific groups (leadership competencies, management competencies, sales competencies or customer service competencies) or cover the organisation as a whole.


Competencies underpin people strategy

We believe that starting with competencies provides a rare opportunity for an organisation to develop a clear, unequivocal picture of ‘what good looks like’. It links the Human Resources Strategy, Learning and Development Strategy and Organisational Development Strategy with the wider Business Strategy, and allows the leaders of the organisation to establish a relationship between strategic objectives and investment in people.

Because a competency framework provides a clear message about what’s important, it can be used to drive the Learning and Development strategy. Competency mapping can be used to build Learner Journeys, Career Pathways and Development Frameworks focusing on delivering the people vision.

They can also be used to deliver competency-based recruitment, competency-based assessment and competency-based performance management, to ensure that individual development and performance is fully aligned with the business vision.

By implementing a bespoke set of competency frameworks your business can benefit from aligning previously disjointed elements to improve business efficiency.


Developing a competency framework

Many organisations will have some form of competency framework already in place but often this does not represent or deliver the current or foreseeable needs of the organisation. Working with the executive team and key stake holders we develop bespoke frameworks which reflect the language, strategic priorities, values and brand identity of the organisation. If required, we can also map a bespoke framework onto external standards, such as the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), supporting a link to external awards or national qualifications.


The case studies on this page illustrate our approach in more detail.

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