At cda we believe that people are the difference.

We specialise in delivering people solutions that drive business performance. We do this by adopting a strategic focus which aligns people with business objectives. 

To achieve this alignment we work in three key areas: People Strategy, Change Management  and Customer Focus.

Our work on People Strategy ensures that processes such as recruitment, performance management, development, and talent programmes are aligned to support the strategic objectives of the business. 

Our Change Management expertise is demonstrated by our track record of structuring and supporting large-scale change programmes to deliver business performance – for example by implementing new ways of working or organisational structures. 

Finally, we believe that an outstanding customer experience can only be delivered through engaged, competent people. We deliver programmes which make the links between brand, customer experience and people. 

Our strategic focus allows us to deliver real business benefits, including enhanced organisational agility, productivity and competitiveness​​​​​​​.